Add or Insert a video to a blog

There are several ways to post a video to your blog. To get started, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click the black and white clapboard icon on the Post Editor toolbar.


  1. In the popup window, you'll see four options:
    • Upload: You can browse for a upload a video from your computer. If this is your first video upload, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    • From YouTube: You can search YouTube and select a video to display on your blog.
    • My YouTube videos:If you have your own videos under you Google Account, you can easily access and upload them through this tab.
    • From your phone: If you have Google+ and Android, you can download an application that will allow all the videos from your phone to upload instantly to your Google Account. You can then click From your phone and select a video from your phone to publish on your blog. All content instantly uploaded from your phone is private until you choose to share it.
  2. Select one of the options, and click upload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my videos hosted?
Videos uploaded through Blogger are hosted on Google Video.

Are my videos indexed or searchable?
No, your videos are kept private and will not be included in Google Video search.

How long does it take to upload and process a video?
Uploading a video may take a while, since videos tend to be very large files. However, the exact amount of time required will depend on the size of your specific video and the speed of your internet connection. The processing stage usually takes about five minutes. Blogger will display a status message below the Post Editor to let you know how this is going, and there will be a placeholder icon in your post to show where the video will appear.

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