Link to other websites

  1. Highlight the text you'd like to turn into a link. If you do not select any text before using the link button, your link will be created but without anything to click on.
  2. Click the Link button (or hit control+shift+a on your keyboard):
  3. A pop-up window will appear prompting you for a URL you'd like to link to. Type the URL in the text box.

If this link button doesn't appear in your browser, or isn't working for some reason, you can type in the link by hand by clicking Edit HTML and typing in:

<a href="http://URL">TEXT</a>

Here's an example scenario:

Let's say you want to tell people about some cool website you found, let's call it, Here's an example of what you might type into your blog:

Hey all. Check out <a href="">this site</a>! It's a really cool website I found.

In this example, the word "this" would be the link to That is, it would show up as a blue underlined word on your blog. The key things to note are:

  1. The "a href" stuff must be enclosed in these kind of brackets <>. That lets the computer know you're entering HTML and not just typing stuff to be displayed.
  2. The website you want to link to must be in quotes, and must always start with http://. If you don't have the http://, the link probably won't work.
  3. Any text you type after the > that closes out the bit where you write the website address will be the actual link that shows up on your blog. The tag lets the computer know that any text after is just normal text and should not be part of the link. Note: You have to put the > in, otherwise the rest of your blog post will be treated as a link, and it will probably cause other weird things to happen that you don't want.
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