Commons - Share a module, assignment, quiz, page, discussion to Commons

Learn how to share an assignment in Canvas to Commons. To modify an existing shared resource, learn how to update a resource previously shared to Commons.

Two Parts to Sharing and Importing Resources (Assignments) into Multiple Courses:

Watch Part I: Share a module, assignment, quiz, page, discussion to Commons

Read or Watch - Part II: Import a resource from Commons into one more more Canvas Courses


Step 1: Open Course. In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1], then click the name of the course you want to share the assignment from [2].

 Step 2: Open Assignments (or any other Canvas resource - discussion, module, page, quiz, etc.) 



Step 3: Share via Assignments Index Page 

To share an assignment from the Assignments Index Page, next to the assignment, click the Settings icon [1] then click the Share to Commons link [2].


Note: If there is a rubric attached to the assignment, it will be shared to Commons as part of the assignment. The attached rubric will also be imported as part of the assignment.


Step 4: Describe the Asset for the Commons


Enter resource details and add a thumbnail image.  

Learn more about what information you need to share a resource to Commons.


Step 5: Choose Content License


Note: Typically, I recommend Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license. A Non-Commercial license adds the caveat that others can use your course content, but not for commercial purposes. If you select this option, you can add use specifications.

Select your content license from the Copyright and Licenses drop-down menu. Learn more about content license options.


Step 6: Choose A Sharing Option


Note: Select a sharing option. Learn more about sharing options.


Step 7: Share to Commons.  When you're done, click the Share to Commons button.



Step 8: View Shared Resource



Note:  View your shared resource. A notification will display at the top of the page that indicates the resource has been successfully shared. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for your resource to process.


Read or Watch - Part II: Import a resource from Commons into one more more Canvas Courses


Based on the Canvas Guides: How do I share a module to Commons?

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