Commons - Import a resource from Commons into one more more Canvas Courses

 Learn how to import a resource from Commons into Canvas. Imported resources will retain their original published or unpublished status.

Watch Import a resource assignment, module, quiz, page from Commons into one or more Canvas Courses (Multiple Courses):


Step 1: In Global Navigation, click the Commons link.



Step 2: Find Resource, by narrowing your search using the Filter.

Step 2- Find Resource, by narrowing your search using the Filter..png 

  • Shared with [2]: You can filter by who the resource was shared with. You can filter by resources shared with the public (all Canvas users), within your account and/or subaccount(s), or with only you (private resources).  
  • Type [3]: You can filter by resource type (e.g. Courses, Modules, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, Pages, Documents, Images, Videos, or Audio).
  • Grade/Level [4]: The grade/level filter allows you to select specific grades or level of education to narrow your search (e.g. K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate).
  • Subject [5]: You can also filter by subject.

To search everything available to you in Commons, leave the search field and filters blank.


Step 3: Open Resource, Click the name of the resource you want to import. 



Step 4: Import Resource. Click the Import into Course button.



Step 5: Select Course(s) that you want to import to import the resource


Note: You will need to repeat this step in order to copy the resource into another course.


Note: Courses with an end date that has passed will not appear in the courses drop down.



Step 6. View Import Notification.  

View the import status notification at the top of your screen. Please note that it may take a while to see changes in your course. Learn how to view the new resource in your course.Step_6._View_Import_Notification.__.png 



Based on the Canvas Guides: How do I import a resource from Commons into Canvas?

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