Best Practice is Not to Email Parents/Guardians in Canvas using the Conversations Tool (For Faculty)

Bear in mind that Canvas is designed first and foremost for teachers and students. Although teachers can leverage the "Conversations" tool (or Canvas' internal communication system) to send announcements to your students, it is not a reliable tool to send announcements to parents.  Since it is an internal communication system, it relies on users to login to check their dashboard or inbox.  

Like students, and teachers, parents/guardians can adjust their notification settings in Canvas and "turn off" the ability to receive any emails or communication via the Canvas Conversations system. 

We recommend that any official communication to parents continues to occur by:

  1. Google Apps for Blake email or by phone
  2. Your Office Manager/Director who can also facilitate grade level or divisional communication through Bear Essentials or an email sent to all parents.  

If you have any questions, please visit your Library Media Center.  


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