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Students and Employees - Forget Password Canvas:

Students and employees who have access to Blake Academic Network account, which is the same account that you use to login into Google Apps, will use the same username and password to login into Canvas. 

  1. For more information, on how to use login to Canvas, see Login into Canvas using your Academic Network (Students and Employees). 

For more information, on how students can use Canvas, see Student Login Overview and Orientation Courses to Canvas (Students)

Parents and Families

As of September 1, 2020, Students are able to access their class assignments and syllabi in Canvas using their Blake credentials. Parents/guardians are not provided with their own accounts.

Some teachers may choose to take advantage of specific, online feedback tools in Canvas, such as grading rubrics and written or recorded commentary to support formative and summative assessments that are submitted electronically. These functions allow for additional feedback to supplement more official methods of communication about student performance. We are excited about the opportunities that this will provide to support additional dialogue between teachers and students; it is important, however, that parents/guardians and students understand the following points:

  • A teacher’s Canvas gradebook is not the official gradebook of record. It is an online communication tool through which students can gather and monitor useful feedback as part of the larger picture of overall performance. Since the first day of class, your child’s teacher will provide course grading information and describe the multiple ways in which student performance will be assessed. Canvas may or may not be used to provide additional feedback to students in a given course. Only students will have access to the feedback tools in Canvas.

  • The only official grade reports are the end-of-quarter grades that are posted via Vearcross and the semester or year grades that are recorded on a student's individual transcript. Students receive full written reports twice during the year, at the end of the second quarter and at the end of the year. Interim reports may be filed by any teacher between the ends of marking periods if there have been important developments in a student’s work that merit special attention. A mid-quarter interim will be written by a teacher on any student who is earning a grade of C or below in a particular course. These reports are available online in Veracross. The school will notify all families by email when the reports are posted. Please see “Reports, Grading, Academic Requirements and Conferences” in the online Family Handbook for comprehensive information on this topic.



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