Blake Phone Basics


  • All Blake phone numbers on all campuses begin with 952-988-xxxx.
  • Within Blake, you can dial a coworker’s 4-digit ext
  • To get an outside line, dial 9 first.
  • To access Blake’s voicemail system from another Blake phone dial 3456 or press the voicemail button. From off campus dial 952-988-3456. Press * then enter your ID (4 digit extension) followed by #. Enter your PIN (password).


Common Speed Buttons

Cisco Classroom / Office Basic 7821

quickstart_7821_7841_7861-012.jpg  Access voicemail

quickstart_7821_7841_7861-002.jpg Switch to/from speakerphone

quickstart_7821_7841_7861-004.jpg Hold a call

quickstart_7821_7841_7861-017.jpg Use the directory

quickstart_7821_7841_7861-007.jpg Transfer a call

quickstart_7821_7841_7861-010.jpg Start a conference call (add another caller when you are on a connected call)

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