Setting up Voicemail On-Campus

Step 1. Press the Messages button quickstart_7821_7841_7861-012.jpg to start the process.

OR dial 3400 and press * at any time to bypass the general greeting. Enter your ID (4 digit Blake extension) followed by #

Step 2. Enter the default PIN.  
23277# (BEARS#)

Step 3. Follow the voice prompts

  1. Record Your Name.  
    Say your first and last name.

  2. Leave a personal message.  An example greeting:
    You have reached [name] in the [Department Name] at The Blake School. Please leave your name and number and I will return your call as soon as possible.
  3. Create a personal pin. It must be at least 4 digits along.  

Step 4.  Listen to any available voicemail messages.  


Note: 2 Page Handout on the Blake Phone and Voicemail Basics

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