Checking voicemail: from your desk phone, outside line, or via email.

Accessing voicemail from your desk phone

If you have voice messages that you have not retrieved, the red light on the handset will be illuminated. To retrieve the messages:

  1. Press the Messages button.
  2. Enter your PIN and press #.
  3. Press 1 to hear new messages, or 3, 1 to hear saved messages.
  4. Follow the voice instructions.

Accessing voicemail from an outside line

  1. Dial the voicemail access number: 952-988-3400.
  2. Press *
  3. When prompted "Enter your ID", enter your four-digit extension and press #.
  4. Enter your PIN and press #. (e.g. default PIN is 23277#  (BEARS#))
  5. Follow the voice instructions.

Accessing voicemail via your email

Voicemail messages should be automatically forwarded to your email as an audio file attached to the message. For lines such as maintenance and attendance, a Google Group has been set up that forwards the voicemail messages to multiple people. If you want to sort out voicemail from the rest of your email inbox, you can see Google's directions here to set up an email filter. Voicemail messages come from

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