Change ring type

You can change your phone's ring type, choosing from among 29 different options.

To change the ring type:

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Select User Preferences (use the navigation pad arrows to scroll to and highlight it if necessary).
  3. Press the Select Softkey.
  4. Press the Select Softkey (or the checkmark button on the navigation pad) to select Rings.
  5. With the Default Ring pane highlighted, press the Select Softkey or the navigation pad checkmark.
    This brings up several panes of ring options.
  6. Use your navigation arrows to scroll through the panes.
  7. Press the Play Softkey to hear the highlighted ring type.
  8. To select a ring type, press the Select Softkey and then press the Save Softkey.
  9. Press the Exit Softkey three times to exit.


Based on Stanford University IT - Change Ring Type

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