Use Call Logs and Directories

You can use your call logs and directories to search and access your call history and contacts. Use the Directories button to access both call logs and directories.

Call Logs

Access logs for missed, received, and placed calls

  1. Press the Directories button.
  2. Press the Select Softkey or the navigation pad checkmark to select one of the logs.
  3. To see call details, press the more Softkey followed by the Details Softkey.

Use your call logs to dial

You can press the Dial Softkey to dial any highlighted number.

Note: If the number was placed from an outside line, you will need to add a 9 (or 9 1 for long distance).

Sometimes you will want to edit the number. For example, you may want to add a 9 or 9 1, or if the logged number displays as a ten-digit number, you may want to remove the extraneous numbers and dial the on-campus five-digit number. To edit the number (which will affect only your immediate call):

  1. With a listing highlighted in your selected call log, press the Edit Dial Softkey.
  2. Use the >> Softkey to move to the right and the << Softkey to delete leftward.
  3. When the number is edited, you can press the Dial Softkey to place the call.

Note: At any time in the procedure, you can press the Directories button a second time to cancel editing the number — or simply lift the handset.

Delete calls from the call log:

To delete a call from the call log:

  1. With the call highlighted, press the more Softkey.
  2. Press the Delete Softkey.

To delete all the calls in a log:

  1. Select Missed Calls, Placed Calls, or Received Calls.
  2. Highlight a call record by selecting it.
  3. Press the more Softkey followed by the Clear Softkey.
    All of the call records in that log will be cleared immediately (i.e., with no confirmation).


Your Personal Directory can contain your Personal Address Book and Fast Dials. You can configure your Personal Address Book and Fast Dials via your phone, but it's easier to set them up from the web portal. See the portal instructions. To access them from your phone, press the Directories button.


Based on Stanford University Telephone Support - Use Call Logs and Directories

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