Jabber for Macs: Quick Start Guide

Hub window

Sample hub window shows status messages, search bar, contacts, meetings

1. Status message

2. Search bar

3. Contacts

4. Meetings

5. Custom groups


Custom status messages

Sample status message shows person as available

You can create custom status messages for each availability state.

Select custom and enter your new status message.

Chat window

Sample chat window says "Hello Bernard, I've just been discussing our project with Robin"

Chat windows contain:
  • tabs for multiple chats,
  • contact picture and availability state, and
  • chat controls and collaboration controls.

Chat controls

Image shows six icons that make up chat controls

Use chat controls to:
  • send a screen capture,
  • send a file,
  • edit the font,
  • edit font color,
  • insert an emoticon, and
  • add participants to create group chats.

Collaboration controls

Image shows icons that make up collaboration controls.

Chat windows can also include controls to share your screen and show or hide participant list.
Article from Stanford University Support - Jabber for Macs: Quick Start Guide
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