How to Open VoiceMail Messages (wav files) in Quicktime Player (Macs)

Voicemail messages are sent and received as wav files. If your system is set to open these files in iTunes, you may want to change it to open in QuickTime Player, a much faster way to open wav files.

1. Download a wav file to your desktop. One is attached at the bottom of these directions for your convenience.

2. Select the wav file by clicking on it once.

3. Go to the File menu and select Get Info.



4. In the Open with list, choose QuickTime Player from the drop-down menu.

2Changeall.jpg   3wav.jpg

5. Click on the Change All button, then click Continue from the pop-up window to confirm. Close the window.

You have now set QuickTime Player as the default application for all wav files.

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