Conference Now Directions

Conference Now Overview.  

The Conference Now feature allows both external and internal callers to join a conference by dialing our Conference Now number, 952-988-3475.

Host Directions:

1. Provide the  Date/Time, Meeting Number and Access Code to all participants.  Meeting Numbers can be found here,

2. On Date, dial the Conference Now line, 952-988-3475

3. Enter your Meeting Number followed by #. 

4. Enter your Meeting PIN followed by #.

5. You now should be connected to the Conference bridge.

6. When a participant joins the conference you will hear a short tone. When a participant leaves the conference you will hear a double tone.


Participant Directions:

1. Dial the Conference Now line, 952-988-3475

2. Enter the Meeting Number (provided by your host) followed by #.

3. Select # to continue as a participant, if applicable.

4. Enter the Access Code provided by the host.

5. You have now joined the conference bridge. If you hear music the host has not yet joined the conference.


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