Delete Cookies In Safari for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iTouch)

Safari for iPhone, like most other browsers, stores private data such as browsing history, cache, and cookies locally on your device. This data is then utilized for a variety of purposes, ranging from speeding up page load times to preserving login credentials. Depending on your browsing habits, these components can consist of what should be considered sensitive data (banking information, etc.)

Due to the potentially secure nature of this data, it is important that you know how to manage it correctly. This tutorial details the various data components that Safari stores on your iPhone, as well as how to delete them if necessary.  

Please note: If you complete this step-by-step tutorial, you will delete any stored passwords, history, and other information that you will need to enter again.  

 1.  Select iPhone Settings Icon



2.  Select the Safari iOS settings


3. To clear browsing history, select the "Clear History." 



4.  Confirm "Clear History."



5. Select "Clear Cookies and Data."



6.  Confirm "Clear Cookies and Data."



Reference -  How to Manage Private Data Components in Safari for iPhone by Scott Orgera

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