Log Into the Web Filter on a iPad or iPhone

Step 1. Be sure you have connected the device to Blake's WiFi Network.  You will see the WiFi Signal at the top of the screen.

The following two articles provide step-by-step directions to do so.

  1. Guests of Blake or employees who are interested in connecting a personal device. 
  2. Blake owned iPads should join the BlakeAcademic WiFi.


Step 2.  Open your iOS web browser (Chrome or Safari)


Step 3. Navigate to a web page such as purple.com. By doing so, you will be triggered to login into the Web Filter.



Step 3. Log in using your Academic/Google Apps username and password.


You are all set. 

  • If you are on the BlakeAcademic Network, your Blake owned device will be able to use any iOS/iPad application.
  • If you are on the BlakeGuest Network, then you will only be able to use your web browser (Safari or Chrome) on your iOS/iPad/iPhone device. 

Note: If you forget to logout of the web filter, Barracuda will log you off automatically after 12 hours.

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