Enable Email Notification in Google Forms

Google Docs Forms are great tools for creating any kind of online polls or surveys. However it is more useful when you enable email Notification for Google Docs Forms so that you get an email notification whenever someone fills out the form. Google forms are really good and useful since it does not have any limitation on number of participants. Since the data is saved on the online server and you can access it anywhere, analyzing the data becomes easier.  

If enabled Google Docs will instantly send you email notification as soon as someone fills the form and submits it. So here is the process how you enable email notification for Google Forms.

1. Login to your Google Docs account and click on the form for which you want to enable email notification.

2. Then click on the “Tools” menu and select “Notification rules”


3. Email notification rules pops up and here you select the appropriate choice, for example you can select “A user submits a form” under “Notify me” section and select “Email right away” under “Notify me with” section. After making all these changes click on the save button to save the form with email rules.


Now you have successfully enabled email notification for your Google form. To test the notification you can submit the form and check your email, you should get notification immediately.

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