Add and Share your form with Collaborators in Google Forms

Watch: How to Add and Share your form with Collaborators in Google Forms


If you're working on a form and would like to share it with a collaborator, click the File and select Share. Then, from the "Sharing settings" dialog, you can specify individual collaborators with whom you'd like to share your form for editing. To add a collaborator, begin typing his or her name in the "Add people" text box.

When you're working with a collaborator on a form, each of you can edit one input field at a time. For example, your collaborator can edit the text of a question while you edit the help text of that same question.

When you share a Google form with a collaborator, you give that collaborator full editing access to the form. That collaborator will have the ability to make any changes they'd like to the form, including a change to where responses are collected. Learn more about collecting responses.
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