FileWave Self-Service Kiosk to Download Applications and Updates on Mac Laptops (Grade 7 - 12 Students)

FileWave is a management tool that allows the ISS Dept to install applications, updates and files on your computer so you have access to the resources you need. FIleWave can use a Self-Service Kiosk to provide users a way to download optional files or applications as needed and at a time convenient to the user. The Self-Service kiosk can be used anywhere you have an internet connection on or off campus.

Use the FileWave Self-Service Kiosk by following the directions below:

1. When a fileset is distributed from the FileWave management system, users will see a red FileWave icon at the top right of their Mac desktop. 



2. Click on the FileWave icon, then choose Install Software.



3. The FileWave kiosk window will open with a list of files, applications, or updates that can be installed by you at will. Admin rights are not needed. Simply select the file you want to download and click on the Install button. 



4. Wait for the installation to complete before closing the window. Installations can take several minutes to install depending on your internet connection and the size of the file being downloaded. Remember, you can install a file at any time anywhere you have an internet connection on or off-campus. Plan ahead and allow enough time for the install to complete.

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