Getting started with Moodle 2


The new Moodle 2.4 server is ready for production. You may now create a test course or begin to create your course/class/program page in preparation for next school year. 

We are working on your behalf to have a small amount of dedicated time at MS and US to get to know and build courses on the new Moodle at the start of the year AND create a large amount of online help in the next few weeks. Until more of that content is produced, I wanted to open this new service for all.  I'll also be offering a few classroom group sessions on new Moodle topics at all divisions before the end of the year.

That said, here are things we know:

  1. The current Moodle will NOT be available for use with students next year but will be available for reference and import purposes for a year after it is closed. The new Moodle will be available for student use as soon as school is out so see me if you want to use it for summer school or summer use by your class.
  2. The new Moodle has a new address, - you will have to type this each time, we are not yet advertising this site to prevent confusion for parents and students.
  3. Yes, you can export/restore your course but many of you will want to start fresh. A few items will not transfer from the old Moodle to the new, these include: wiki and real-time quiz even though they both exist on the new Moodle.
  4. Please continue to use Firefox for Moodle.

Please see this highly entertaining and richly produced video on the very basics of the new Blake School Moodle:

Until we have automated a few things, you will need to create a request at to have a new course created for you. Please specify:

  1. Name of course
  2. Name of teacher to assign to
  3. Weekly or Topics (you may change this any time in your own settings)
  4. Semester (which) or year-long course


Dan Trockman - The Blake School 612-709-2030
Assistant Dir. ISS for Learning Technology

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