Exporting FirstClass Contacts and Importing to Google Contacts

Watch the following movie to learn how to move your existing FirstClass Contacts into Google's Gmail Contacts @Blake.


The following steps outline how to export all your contacts from FirstClass and import them into Gmail. 

1. Open FirstClass and select your Contacts folder as circled in Figure 1. Then click on File > Export...


Figure 1

2. A new dialog box will open (Figure 2).  Under "Contacts export format," select "vCard (.vcf)."  Select "OK" button.


Figure 2

3. A dialog box will open asking for a name to Save As - name it Contacts.  In the Where: field select your Documents folder. Your screen should then look like Figure 3.  Click on Save.


Figure 3


4. Another dialog box will open displaying the status of the transfer and will look like Figure 4 when complete. Click on Open Folder and verify the file named contacts.csv is there.


Figure 4


5. Log into your Google Apps Gmail @Blake account.

6. Select Contacts on the left hand side of the window - as highlighted in Figure 5.


Figure 5

7. Select the "More" button. Then, Select "Import..." in Figure 6.


Figure 6


8.  Select "Choose File."  Then locate your .vcf contact file from FirstClass.  Select the "Import" button.  (See Figure 7.)  Google will then process your file and tell you how many contacts were successfully imported. Be sure this matches with what you have in FirstClass. If something doesn't look right open the vcard.vcf file and make sure it has all your contacts listed.  You may need to add the remaining contacts if any are missing.  


Figure 7


8. Google Contacts will show your imported contacts on the left side named "Imported Current Date."  (See Figure 8.)


Figure 8


9. Select the More menu, and "Rename Group" to FirstClass Contacts.  (See Figure 9 and 10)


Figure 9


Figure 10

10. Be sure this matches with what you have in FirstClass. If something seems amiss, it may be that Google was not able to successfully import all of your contacts.  (Or more likely, FirstClass did not export all of your contacts.)  You may need to add the remaining contacts if any are missing.  Please read "Creating Contacts."  

Author: Allen Hill

Reference: Google's Gmail Contact Support Article


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