FirstClass to Gmail + Groups and Calendar Transition Checklist

On July 6, we will transition from FirstClass to Google Apps (Gmail + Groups & Calendar). No data from your current FirstClass account (this means email, contacts, mail lists, calendars or attachments) will be transferred to the new account for you. For some employees, it will be a fresh start. (There is no expectation that you will need to transfer data from FirstClass.)

For others who live and breath FirstClass, you will be responsible for migrating the data from your FirstClass account to Gmail account and Calendar, as you see fit. Rest assured you will have access to your FirstClass data for approximately one year after the transition. You have plenty of time to migrate your data. But if you are ready to get started, we offer you a "checklist" to assist you with this endeavor.

The FirstClass to Gmail + Groups and Calendar Transition Checklist is available online and will walk you through step-by-step on questions you may want to consider in preparation for the transition on July 6. Visit:

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