Exporting your FirstClass calendar and importing it into Google Calendar

Watch the following screencast to learn how to export your existing FirstClass Calendar appointments to Google Calendar @Blake.  Or scroll down to read a step-by-step series of instructions.

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1. Open FirstClass and select Calendar


2. In the toolbar for the Calendar, select View and select  "View by List"



3. Press Control + A keys on your keyboard. This selects all of the items in your list. 

     Mac                                                                                                       PC

mac.png                           pc.png


4. In the toolbar, select File and Export. This will bring up a prompt asking you two questions.


You will want to select Selected events and tasks and for the second option, you can select "For Use with Outlook" option


5. Log into  your google calendar and select the wrench icon on the right side of the screen




 6. Select Calendar in settings and then select the option "Import Calendar"


7. In the next screen select browse and select the csv file you created from FirstClass 

*important note here, the program may prompt you to create multiple csv files so you will need to repeat these steps for each csv file





If you get any errors such as shown below, 



The error is due to data in your csv file that was improperly exported from FirstClass.  The data is not matching up to the columns in the csv file. Open up the csv file using MS-Excel and locate any data that does not match up, you will have to clear out any invalid data, save the csv file, and then retry. 




Here is an example of a successful import



**Important Note***

While this import method works. You will want to check each entry in your calendar.  




Author: Adam Vatter

Reference: http://www.screencast.com/t/D2shOCcRRdW5


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