LANSchool - Video Tutorials Series

A video tutorial series for LANSchool can be found at this link.

A user guide (PDF) for version 7.7 can be found here.

Anywhere in the tutorials where they suggest using the cntrl key to select multiple thumbnails, use the cmd key on the mac instead. Or, you may use the shift key to select a range of laptops. click the first and then shift-click the last to select all thumbnails on the screen for example.

Before you use the limit web button, I tell students I am going to use it. This is courteous because clicking the limit web works by crashing the browser which can be shocking to your students.

I also find it useful to get rid of any of the features I use infrequently to prevent from using a function that might be harmful or distracting. You can do this, like in many programs, by cntrl-click on the menu bar, select "Customize Toolbar..." and drag the extra pieces off.

I like

  • show teacher
  • vote
  • view all
  • control
  • message
  • blank screen
  • limit web
  • preferences
  • class lists
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