Blake Ice Arena Guest Wireless

To set up a guest account for the Ice Arena, you have to be delegated  the access to log in to the Meraki User Management Portal. If you don’t have  this access and need to request it, please submit a support request.



How to set up guest users for the Ice Arena:

The Ice Arena has a separate Management of guest users handled through our instance of Meraki set up at the arena.

Please sign into the Ice Arena User Management portal here:

Once you are signed in, you will be presented with the option to add a new user. Select Add new user

Once you have selected Add new user,  enter the Description, email address, and either create or generate a password for the user. Make sure that the account is set to be authorized from the drop-down options, and either:


Print the credentials                                                            Email to user

or both and then select Create user.

In order to see the scheduling option for the account, you have to select Yes to authorize the account



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