Google Drive File Stream

Google Drive File Stream is a new desktop application that allows quick access all to all of your Google Drive & Team Drive files on demand directly from your computer. Files remain in the cloud meaning you use almost no local hard drive space and spend less time waiting for files to sync or backup. Follow the directions below to get started.


A: Install Google Drive File Stream

1. Open Self Service (you can use Spotlight to search for Self Service or find it in the main Applications folder)


2. Log into Self Service using your Academic (gmail) credentials.


3. Once logged in, search for File Stream.


4. Click on the Install button to install Google Drive File Stream (if you see Reinstall then the application is already installed so no need to install again).


B:  Link Your Account

1. Open the newly installed Google Drive File Stream application. You can use Spotlight to search for File Stream or find it in the main Applications folder.


2. Sign into Google Drive with your gmail credentials to link your account.


3. Access Google Drive File Stream from the menu icon at the top right of your desktop. You will see all your Google Drive and Team Drive files here by selecting your drive folder.



    Note: You can also access your Google Drive from a Finder window.


C: Work with Google Drive File Stream

1. Upload (backup) Files - you can drag & drop new files directly onto your Google Drive or Team Drive to upload or backup. 


2. Work offline - to make a file available for offline use, first select the file(s) then right-click (control-click) and select Available offline. The menu selection will turn green when the file is available for offline use. Keep in mind this will store a copy of your file on the computer using more hard drive space.


3. Pause syncing - if needed, you can pause syncing at anytime by selecting the More Options Menu from the File Stream menu icon located at the top right of your menu bar.


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