How do I invite parents and families by email to their student's Seesaw journal? (Teachers)

Background: When families connect to their child’s journal, they can only see their individual child’s work, or group projects that their child is tagged in. 

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  1. To get started, make sure that you have added students to your class before you invite their families.
  2. Log in to your teacher account from the web (at Go into the class you'd like to connect families to and tap the '+ Families' button located under your class list.
  3. There are several ways to connect families to their child’s journal. Choose the option that works best for your classroom.

How do I invite families to my class by email?

  1. To invite family members by email, add family member email address next to each student’s name. You can invite up to 10 family members to connect to each student’s journal. Once you’ve added their email address, they will receive an email invite (in English) to connect to their child’s journal.
  2. A pop up will appear after you choose the invite families button.

What do families see when they are invited?

Families with receive an email, SMS message, or QR code! When they receive an email it will appear directly in their personal inbox. Family members will need to choose to connect to their child’s journal.

Family members will be prompted to sign in or create a new account.


Reference: Seesaw Help > How do I invite parents and families?

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