Seesaw Activities - Set a Schedule

The Blake Seesaw accounts were created so lower school students logged in to one Seesaw classroom for both their classroom and specialist activities. This also allowed parents to view their child's digital portfolios in one place. Below is a "Pro Tip" to help balance the workflow between classroom teachers and specialist teachers:

Schedule activities for dates and times in the future (e.g. Monday 9 AM)

1. Tap on an activity in the ‘My Library’ section of the Activities library.

2. Tap ‘Assign’.


3. Tap ‘Schedule’.

4. Select the date and time you would like to share the activity with your students, and then tap the green check.


5. Tap the green check to confirm the date and time.

6. Tap 'Assign on' to schedule your activity for the selected date and time in the future.


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Reference: Seesaw Help Center - How do I schedule an activity?

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