Seesaw Journal Posts - View Student Work Tagged to a Specific Folder

Part I: To view all work tagged to a specific folder (e.g., Mathematics):

1. Tap your Profile Icon > Select a class.

2. Tap the light blue folder icon in your Class Journal feed.


3. Tap the folder you want to view (e.g. Mathematics).



Part II: To view a specific student’s work in a specific folder (e.g., Music):

1. Tap the student’s name in the Class Journal feed.

2. Tap the blue folder next to the name of the student whose folder you would like to view


3. Tap the folder you’d like to view (e.g., Music)


4. You will see a feed with only that student’s posts tagged to that folder (e.g., Student 11 with items tagged to the folder Music).




Reference: Seesaw Help - How do I view student work by folder?

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