How do I set up my student with Seesaw Remote Text Codes? (Families)

OpenHow do I set up my student with Seesaw Remote Learning Text Codes? (Families)

I cannot locate my student's Seesaw Remote Text Code?:

If you cannot locate the email sent to you on Monday, March 25, with the subject line, “Remote Teaching and Learning (RTL) with Seesaw - Action Needed,” then please submit a support request and we will provide you with your student’s Remote Learning Text Code.


Subject: Request for Remote Learning Text Code - Student Name; Class Name


  • Your name
  • Your student’s name
  • Your student’s teacher’s name; and
  • A phone number to reach you.



  • While our school campus is closed, we will use Seesaw for remote learning. Seesaw helps us work together to provide students with meaningful learning experiences at home. We will use Seesaw to share learning activities and resources, capture your child’s learning and communicate about student progress and needs.

What is the difference between the Seesaw Family app and the Seesaw Class app with Remote Learning Text Codes?

  • Each student has a unique Remote Learning Text Code to access the Seesaw Class app. When signing in with their unique Remote Learning Code, students only see their own work, activities assigned to them and announcements sent to students by teachers. Students do not see the work of any other student in the class. Remote Learning Text Codes only work with an updated version of the Seesaw Class app, not the Seesaw Family app.
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