Zoom: Assign access for scheduling meetings - Schedule meetings for another person

Zoom: Delegating Meeting scheduling privilege 

*Please note that prior to delegating access, your account will need to be upgraded from a Basic to a Licensed instance. Please contact ISS if you need your account upgraded. 

To assign scheduling privilege to another colleague, please sign into Zoom and visit https://blakeschool.zoom.us/profile/setting, select Other from the bottom of the menu, and add the email account and select "Assign"


How to schedule a meeting for someone else in Zoom

Once you have been granted scheduling privilege, you can schedule another person:

  1. Go to the Zoom client
  2. Logout and login again (one time only)
  3. Click on Schedule and then click on Advanced Options
  4. In order to schedule for someone else, check the “Schedule for:” box and select another individual:



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