How to find family information in BlakeNet?

How to find family information in BlakeNet

Watch a video or read instructions below.

Log into BlakeNet.  If you don't remember your password and need to reset it, see this article.

Once logged into BlakeNet, click on Family & Alumni Directories.


Find the directory you would like to search in and click on it.  If you are not sure of grade or campus, you can click on the "All School/Families-Students" directory.


You can search for a parent in the first and last name fields.


You can search for a student in the "Student/Class Year" field.  You will need to use * at the beginning and end of your string.  You can search on nickname, last name, class year.  You can also search on multiple parameters (e.g. "*2021* *Emily*").


 Your list will appear as below.





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