Log In to Seesaw for Students using Sign In with Google (Students with Parent/Guardian Assistance)

How To for Students: Remote Learning with Seesaw using "Sign In With Google"


  • On a computer/laptop: Go to app.seesaw.me to get started. 
  • On an iPad: download or update the Seesaw Class app on your device.

STEP 2: Click ‘I’m a Student’ to log in with your Google Account (e.g., Sign In with Google)

On a Computer/Laptop

Google_Sign_In_iPad.PNGOn an Apple iPad

STEP 3: Select Sign In with Google

  • On an iPad: Select Continue and allow Seessw to use "Google.com" to Sign In

STEP 4: Enter your students' Blake email address (e.g., usernameyear@blakeschool.org

Note: Their username is their First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Name, Last Two Digits of the Year they graduate from high school. 

Enter in their password.  The password will be unique and private, which your student changed in-class or during the remote learning device distribution.  


STEP 5: Once logged in, you will be in your student journal where you can create posts, complete activities, and see Announcements from your teacher.

Note: On an Apple iPad, you may be prompted to "Turn On Notifications," which will include icon badges, alerts, and possibly sounds.  More information on How do I change my notifications in the Seesaw Class App?

 Pro TipStrings.png

 Pro Tip

You will need to change back and forth between:

  • Your Classroom Teacher's Class.
  • Specialist Class
  • Strings Class (if you are enrolled in the strings program).

Select your name in the top left to switch classes.  More information on Switching Classes in Seesaw for Remote Learners (Families)

STEP 6: To see activities from your teacher, tap the Activities tab (on the right side under class name).

STEP 7: Click ‘Add Response’ to respond.


STEP 8: Always press the green check to save work to your journal.

STEP 9: To see Announcements from your teacher, tap the inbox tab (on the right side under class name)

 Pro Tip


If you are sharing a laptop or computer, then we recommend that you "assign" one child to each web browser so they do not have to sign out.

For example, if you have three children:

  • Child 1 - Login into Seesaw using Google Chrome
  • Child 2 - Login into Seesaw using Firefox
  • Child 3 - Login into Seesaw using Safari (Apple) or Edge (Microsoft)

If you are sharing a tablet/smartphone, then students will need to Sign Out of the Seesaw Class app before the other student can use it.  


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