DreamBox Launch Guide (Lower School Teachers Only)


  • Sent to Lower School Teachers on Friday, April 11, 2020 for a 60-day pilot to RTLP.  
  • Managed by Ann Bellin and Chris Robinson.
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Hello LS Faculty Friends!

In this letter (and also on Joe D's resource page) you will find resources for getting your class started with DreamBox Learning. To get things started we will want to (1) get you logged in, (2) prep the login information for students, (3) prepare the letter that goes home to each family, and (4) discuss that first week of exploration in DreamBox. Let’s begin:

  1. Getting the teacher logged in:

    1. You should have received an email from DreamBox with your login information.

    2. Visit the DreamBox learning page, and click login. Enter your info.

    3. Instructional video link for logging in to Dreambox.

  1. Prepping your class login information.

    1. Login, and navigate to settings.

    2. Open the Roster Tab. From here you can add students, change usernames & passwords. (We suggest the usernames of first name last initial. Ex: chrisr)

    3. Instructional video link for changing usernames & roster.

    4. Be sure you click UPDATE after you have made changes in Settings.

  1. Preparing the letter that goes home to each family.

    1. Here is the form letter

      1. You will need to modify the password area of the email. 

      2. Sign your name. :)

    2. NOTE: If you have unique passwords or a student with a modified username you will have to send individual emails to some or all families. 

    3. Unique passwords can be distributed by either typing them or taking a screenshot of the fancy login cards provided by DreamBox (see instructional video). 

Screenshot: “shift+control+command+4” pressed at the same time takes a pic and is ready to paste.

  1. Discuss that first week of exploration in DreamBox with students.

    1. If you would like to see what your students will see, visit dreambox.com/training, and click on the large rectangle with your grade level. (I tested and it is the same intro video and everything).

    2. The program is designed to meet their needs, but it will take a little time to get to know the students. It is essential that students do this work independently. Since this is an adaptive program, the answers a child gives (correct or incorrect), and even the strategies a child employs will guide the software in providing the appropriate next questions. It does take a little time for DreamBox to get to know your student so if it is too easy or too hard early on, encourage your student to persist.

    3. You will want to mention the info above in your next morning meeting or video to students. 

If you have additional questions please let Ann, Sherry, or me know and we will be happy to help. 


Chris R.

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