Login to Veracross Faculty/Staff Portal

I. Portal Login

1. To log into Veracross Portals, either:

2. Enter your username -- your full Blake Gmail address (e.g., username@blakeschool.org) and password.  Select the "Next" button. 


  • Note regarding "Can't access your account:" Since your faculty/staff password is tied to your Blake Google account, you cannot reset your password from Veracross.  Therefore, if you have a login issue, do not select "Can't access your account." Instead, submit a support request, and we will assist you. 

3. Select "Continue with Google." 


4. A pop-up box will appear asking you to "Choose an account" to continue to veracross.com.  Select your full Blake Gmail address (e.g., username@blakeschool.org).


5. Once you've signed in successfully, you will be logged into the Faculty/Staff portal page. 


II. Switch between portals

All Blake faculty and staff will have access to the Faculty/Staff Portal. In addition, you may also have access to the Parent Portal and/or other portals.

  1. Click on the Greek Column in the header to view other portals on your account.
  2. Select the portal of your choice.
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