Dreambox: How Students Log in to DreamBox on an iPad using their Blake School Account (LS Students and Families in Grade 1-5)

Students will sign in to DreamBox using a unique school code and their DreamBox username and password.


1) Open the DreamBox Math app is downloaded on the iPad.


2) From the "Welcome" screen, select the School button.

(Note that if the student is accessing their school account from home, they will still select School.)


3) Enter your school's unique school code and tap Play.

(Note that you will only have to enter this code once for each device unless the app is deleted.

Lower School Highcroft Campus

School URL: https://play.dreambox.com/login/5mrn/7hhu        

Highcroft campus School Code: 5mrn/7hhu


Lower School Blake Campus

School URL: https://play.dreambox.com/login/5mrn/zz34        

Blake campus School Code: 5mrn/zz34



4) To log in, students can enter their 5-digit numeric classroom code given to them by their teacher.

(Note if you do not have access to the Classroom Code, it can be provided to you by the teacher.)


5) Students using picture passwords will now be able to select their student avatar and then tap their picture password.

(Note if your student has forgotten their picture password, then they will need to have their teacher reset it.)


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