LastPass Overview and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

LastPass provides a secure, confidential password manager software application to store, retrieve, and manage complex passwords. Strong passwords are critical defense against account misuse and data breach. Password management provided by LastPass simplifies the need to remember multiple, complex passwords by helping manage these logins through a unified application interface.

LastPass password manager simplifies digital identities by securely storing and automating password creation and login for systems all across the Internet. The LastPass application allows portability of passwords to any platform, web, desktop, and mobile. The passwords sync in real time on every device installed with LastPass and browser integration plug-ins make auto-retrieval a snap.

LastPass is secured by the latest algorithms and does full encryption and decryption at the device level. The service is deployed in two varieties : 

  1. LastPass Enterprise for Blake employees to use with Blake accounts (e.g., Blake's Google Workspace, Blake's instance of Canvas, Blake's instance of Veracross, Paylocity, Blake's Preferred One Insurance, Blake's Dental etc.)
  2. LastPass Premium as a Perk for Blake employees to use with their personal accounts for services that are not provided by Blake (e.g., personal accounts such as TIAA-CREF. a personal email account, Netflix, Spotify, etc.)


  • Convenience – No more forgotten or mis-typed passwords
  • Time Saved – Instantly log in to websites with auto-completion
  • Stronger Security – Long passwords that you don’t have to remember

Key Features

  • Securely store and manage all your passwords in one place
  • Auto-entry of passwords when integrated with the LastPass browser extension
  • LastPass can create new, strong passwords for you and store them automatically
  • Can auto-complete address and credit card forms securely.
  • Provided free of charge to all areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Open: LastPass Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have published a list of FAQs for common questions about LastPass such as...

  • What’s the value of using LastPass?
  • How will users get access to LastPass?
  • What passwords can and cannot be stored in LastPass?
  • What if I already use LastPass?
  • ...
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