I keep receiving an error message: 'An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your internet connection.' How do I resolve this issue?

1. You might be a version behind, causing an upgrade error. Try reinstalling: https://lastpass.com/dl and log in again.

2. Do you see the error when you open your browser and attempt to login? Your browser  may be clearing cookies. Please follow the steps here  to enable cookies within the browser.

3. If you are running Firefox 4 or above, the browser disables 3rd party cookies by default. Please go to your Firefox Tools menu > Options (For Mac: Preferences) > Privacy > History > Firefox will: Use custom settings > select Always accept cookies options to enable 3rd party cookies for LastPass.com.

4. Another extension may be clearing cookies. Try disabling them and restarting the browser. If the issue no longer persists, enable your extensions one by one to find the culprit.

5. Verify that your system clock is correct.

6. Are you behind a proxy or a firewall? If so, you may need to configure permissions for LastPass.

7. Try clearing the LastPass cache (LastPass Icon > Tools > Advanced Tools > Clear Local Cache).

8. If you still see the error, submit a support ticket confirming that you've tried the above steps.

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