How do I manage or restrict user access to a Shared Folder?

Once a User or User Group is added to a Shared Folder, you can manage/change user permissions:

  1. Log into LastPass
  2. Click Sharing Center
  3. Click on 'Manage' for the desired folder. 
  4. Check the appropriate boxes for the user or User Group:
    1. Read-only’ prohibits the user from adding and/or editing credentials.
    2. Hide Passwords’ prohibits the user from seeing the credentials.
    3. Notify User via Email’ will send the user a notification regarding their assignment to the shared folder.
    4. Can Administer’ will grant the user equal admin rights over the shared folder including: adding and removing users and restricting access to individual sites in the folder.

Once the user is added, you can restrict users to only have access to certain sites within the Shared Folder using our Restrict feature:

  1. Go to Manage Shared Folders and click 'Edit' for the desired Folder
  2. Click on the Tools Icon next to the user or User Group you would like to restrict.
  3. Choose 'Restrict'
  4. At the bottom, toggle 'Rather than choosing hidden sites, assign only allowed sites. All new sites will be hidden in this mode' to select your desired mode
  5. Move sites from the left list to the right to apply the restriction.

 **Subfolders cannot have separate permissions than the parent folders

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