Why don't the sites in my Shared Folder work?

Shared Folders work for most sites; however, there are some limitations depending on how the sites are added to the Shared Folder.

The current limitations of shared folders are:

  • Folders must be populated to be seen in the Online Vault.  Empty folders can be seen in the Local Vault and Sharing Center, but will only appear in the Online Vault once they have items in them.
  • Cannot add sites that have already been shared (or are in a role). You must first un-share these sites.
  • Sites can be copied to multiple folders but must be updated manually in every folder. The better option is to use ‘restrict’ to limit access for specific sub-set of users, rather than copying the site into multiple folders.
  • Form fill profiles cannot be shared.
  • Sites entries cannot be directly imported into Shared Folders.
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