How do you move (multiple) sites from one folder to another folder?

You can move sites in multiple ways:

Edit the site:

  • Go to your LastPass Vault
  • Click on the wrench/edit icon
  • Under 'Folder' use the dropdown menu to choose the folder you would like to move this site to
  • Click 'Save'

Drag and Drop*:

  • Go to your LastPass Vault
  • Click and hold on the desired site
  • Drag and drop the site and place it in the desired folder

Right Click*:

  • Go to your LastPass Vault
  • Right-click on the site
  • Choose 'Move to Folder'
  • In dropdown, choose the appropriate folder 

Moving multiple sites*:

  • Select multiple sites with the checkboxes
  • Right Click > Move Selected to Folder

Moving an entire folder into another folder as a Sub Folder:

Note that you cannot move Shared Folders into other folders but you can move non-Shared Folders into Shared Folders.

  • Go to your LastPass Vault
  • Right-click on the folder
  • Choose "Move to Folder'


*Note: It may be possible for you to utilize both Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click when selecting multiple sites. If available, you may try clicking the first of the multiple sites you would like move to select that site. You would then press and hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. While still holding down the Shift key, you would then click on the last of the multiple sites you would like to move. After releasing the Shift, you may have multiple sites selected, which you may then be able to move all at once using the three methods above that are marked with an asterisk. In addition, if a site that you do not wish to move has been selected using this process, then you may attempt to deselect it, and thus not move it, by pressing and holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on that site or on the checkbox for that site.

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