Connecting to Guest Wireless at Blake (WiFi)

About Blake Guest

There are two options available when connecting to the Blake Guest WiFI. When connecting on-site, guests at Blake can be provided wireless credentials from the department they are visiting, or they can register themselves through our Guest Wireless portal. 

See Article: Connect to Blake Guest WiFi Network via Self Registration.

The two methods for obtaining access for BlakeGuest wireless

  • Guests who register for wireless service directly will have immediate access to Blake Guest.
  • Using Guest wireless credentials provided by the visiting department. 

What is the difference between using a self-registered and a department Guest account for connecting to Guest wireless at Blake?

Self Registered Guests: For self-registered guests, the need for wireless is typically for a one-time event or visit. An example might be parents here to watch a sporting event or have connectivity during activities at school. 

Department Guest Accounts: For guests or groups of visiting guests requiring Internet, Department ambassadors can provide a group of users with guest credentials to save time. 



Connecting to BlakeGuest:

About Blake School Guest wireless







Connecting with an iOS Device

1.  Tap the settings icon and select "WiFi" Select "BlakeGuest" under "Choose a Network...".


     For iPhone:


      For Macbooks:


 2. Once the device connects to the network, your device will be redirected to the guest wireless logon page.


 3. Once you have entered your guest credentials, please select sign in:



 4. Once authenticated, you will be redirected to a confirmation screen






Connecting with Android

These screenshots utilize a Nexus 7 tablet. Specific screens may vary depending on the device.

  1. Tap the App Tray icon on the main screen to view more applications.
  2. Select the "Settings" icon from the App menu.
  3. Select "WiFi" from the "Settings" menu.
  4. Ensure that the WiFi is on in the upper right corner, then select "BlakeGuest" from the list of available networks.


     5. Slide down the top menu to select the "Sign in to WiFi network" option.

     6. Your internet browser will open to the "BlakeGuest" login page. Enter your guest credentials and select sign in.



Connecting with Windows

  1. Select the Windows WiFi connection icon from the system tray to expand the available connections menu. Then, select "BlakeGuest" from the list.
  2.     Select the "Connect" button.


    3. Open your internet browser, and it should automatically navigate to the guest access page. Enter your guest credentials and select sign in.    2019-03-26_10-31-10.jpg 










About Blake School Guest Wireless

Blake Guest wireless is available at all campuses during business and events. Guest access is restricted to standard protocols used for web and email access. Filters protect this network from using specific sites and services (such as VPN, Torrents, and cryptomining). If you are a guest and require special accommodations to permit access to a blocked service or extended access for a third-party service, please contact Blake Information Support Services for assistance.


Blake Information Support Services 


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