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Google Apps @Blake: Chrome (Internet Browser)

Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, XD,

Peardeck: Active Learning

Seesaw: Student-driven Learning Journals at Blake

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Software Support for Apple iPad (iOS) Devices, Apple School Manager (ASM), Managed Apple IDs (MAID), and Apple Classroom

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Cisco - Telephones and Voicemail

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LANSchool Classroom Management Software: Monitoring, limiting, and reporting internet history on student devices.

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Guest Services For Visitors and Families

General Guidelines

Signing In, Accounts and Passwords

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Canvas LMS

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Blake's Facility and Events Calendar System - rSchool Today

Google Apps @Blake: Overview

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Google Apps @Blake: Calendar

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Google Apps @Blake: Contacts

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Google Apps @Blake: Drive (Docs, Presentations, and Drawings)

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Google Apps @Blake: Forms (Google Drive)

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Google Apps @Blake: Spreadsheets (Google Drive)

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Google Apps @Blake: Gmail (Email)

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Google Apps @Blake: Groups (Conferences & Mail Lists)

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Groups for Administrators

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Google Apps @Blake: Sites

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Google Apps @Blake: Blogger

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Google Apps @Blake: Google Photos

Google Apps @Blake: LucidCharts

Hardware Support

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Google Chromebooks

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Gradebook Applications and Online Tools

Konica & PaperCut Printing, Photocopying and Faxing with Marco Managed Print Services

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