What should I if someone Zoombombs my meeting?

As a preventative measure, Waiting Rooms and Passcodes should be enabled by the Host. 

Here is what to do if you have an uninvited guest get in a meeting:

1. Lock them out. Go to the Participants List in the navigation sidebar, and scroll down to More. Click Lock Meeting to stop further participants from entering the meeting and to be able to remove participants. 

2. Shut them up. Have yourself or one of your co-hosts go to the Participants List, again scrolling down to the bottom, and click Mute All Controls. This makes it so the unwelcome participant can't use their microphone to disrupt your audio. 


While in a meeting, please report a participant for inappropriate behavior.

  1. As the meeting host, click Security.

  2. Click Report.

  3. Select the name of the participant you would like to report.
  4. Check the reason for reporting this participant.
  5. (Optional) Enter any comments to provide more information.
  6. (Optional) Click Upload File to add screenshots or photos showing the problem.
  7. (Optional) Check Include desktop screenshot to include a current screenshot of your desktop.
  8. Click Send.
  9. You will receive a notification that your report was sent successfully.

Reference: Reporting a participant for inappropriate behavior


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