Lower School Zoom Safeguards to Prevent "Zoombombing" (Teacher)

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  • While our school campus is closed, we will use Blake's Zoom service. Zoom provides video communications to support remote teaching and learning.  As part of the services that Zoom provides to K-12 schools, Zoom may be used by students, including students under the age of 16.
  • We do not recommend, nor is it required, that students or families create Zoom accounts to participate in a Zoom meeting with a Blake teacher. 

What is Zoombombing?

As the nation (and world) transitions to a new way of doing "life," new trends, both positive and negative, have begun to appear. By now many of you have already heard of Zoombombing (a not so kind trend), and I want to share a little more in this email about what you can do to avoid it in your Zoom meetings next week.

Zoombombing is a form of internet trolling in which an uninvited guest joins a Zoom meeting by hacking a zoom meeting ID (Selecting a random 9-digit number and seeing if it corresponds with a random meeting) or by obtaining a meeting ID through another user. Frequently the hacker attempts to disrupt the video by sharing offensive images on their screen or shouting unwelcome comments.

What if I encountered a Zoombombing incident?

To report any issues of Zoombombing, contact your Division Director and Support at Blake.  We will ensure that Blake's Security Incident Team is involved immediately.  If feasible please share any pertinent details such as a screenshot of the event, Meeting ID number, the date it occurred, the number of students or families involved in the incident.  

For more information on Zoom for K-12 Schools & Districts Privacy Policy.

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