How do I create a FlipGrid so students in PreK-2, families, or students across divisions can join us? Using Public/PLC and Topic Guest Mode


  1. To have students who are not provided a Blake GSuite email account to participate in a FlipGrid
  2. To have families participate in a FlipGrid (who are not provided a Blake GSuite email account)
  3. To have a combination of students, families, or experts join a FlipGrid.

Educators create Grids to invite students, peers, families, and communities to participate in Flipgrid. Think of Grids as your classroom or community!

Background on Grid Types:

  1. Students in Grades 3 - 12 will use:
    • School Email (Most Popular) - Use this if your students have school email accounts. Add multiple domains (everything after the @ symbol) for teachers, students, and GridPals! 
  2. Students in Grades PreK-2 (with adult support), families, guests/experts or a combination will use the 

Step 1: Create a Grid

A Grid is similar to a classroom which is where your students or community can locate the topics or video discussions that you are facilitating. 

  1. Your Grid is your classroom.
  2. Name your Grid.
  3. Select the Grid Type and Select Public/PLC
  4. Personalize your FlipGrid Code so it is easy to remember (e.g.

  5. Optional - Add a Password.  If you plan to moderate discussions (aka preview and approve posts before they are shared with other students, families, or guests), then we recommend you keep this switched off.   

  6. Your Grid is ready.  After you create your first topic, then you can copy and distribute the personalized Grid Link on your Lower School Weekly Planner your students and their families. (Or for cross-divisional or community FlipGrids, you can post it via a Canvas Assignment).

After your Grid is created, then "Go To Your Grid" and you will need to create your first Topic.  (Note: You can use the same grid to continue to create new topics each week.)

Step 2: Create (Add) a New Topic and Enable Video Moderation

Topics are your conversation prompts or assignments. Empower your students, their families to share their voices by creating a Topic.  

  1. In your Public/PLC grid, select the "Add a New Topic" button. Write a brief Topic Title, a longer description, and we recommend that you "Record a Video" focus so students can see and hear you so you can continue to establish and maintain an online presence.
  2. Select the "More Options," scroll down to Topic Status and Enable Video Moderation.
  3. Note: There are a number of options that you will want to consider.  For more information, see the FlipGrid Help article Topic Settings
    Some options we recommend turning off under video features are:
    • Turn Off: View Count
    • Turn Off: Likes


After your Topic is created, then select "All Set" and the last step is enabling the "Topic Guest Mode." 

Step 3: On Topic Guest Mode

Requirements for Topic Guest Mode: 1) Grid is a Public/PLCs and 2) There is a topic
Educators can turn on Topic Guest Mode and invite students in PreK-2 (with adult support), families, or anyone outside of their class to join.  Turning On Guest Mode is easy:

  1. Access your educator account at to visit your main My Grids page.

  2. Select on the Public/PLC Grid by clicking on its name to View Topics.

  3. Scroll to see a list of your Topics and select the Actions menu and select Add Topic Guests.
  4. Select enable Topic Guest Mode and Allow Guests to view & record.


  5. By enabling Topic Guest Mode, and Allow Guests to Record, then to record, guests only need to type their name and an optional email.  They will see a screen that looks like this "Welcome."
  6. Activate Guest Mode to copy your Guest Code and share it with anyone you want!

 Pro Tip: You can always duplicate a topic to save a little time, however,  you will need to repeat part of Step 2: Enable Video Moderation, and Step 3: Enabling Topic Guest Mode.


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