Add a Teacher (Co-Pilot) to a FlipGrid to help manage, create topics, and moderate videos

Education is always a group effort. Educators can invite multiple educators to help manage their Grids using CoPilots! CoPilots can help manage a Grid by creating Topics, moderating videos, providing feedback, and more.

Step 1: Add CoPliot

  1. Login to your Educator account at
  2. Use the Actions button on your Grid and select Add CoPilots

  3. Enter another Flipgrid Educator's email and select the Invite button. 
    **Note: You will need the exact email of the educator's account, and the colleague will need to have created their FlipGrid account.  
  4. The colleague will be listed as part of your "Flight Team" in a "Pending Invite" status until they accept. 

Step 2:

  1. To accept, your CoPilot will see a message at the top of their Educator account letting them know that they have been invited to join your Grid! Also, they will receive an email invitation with the option to accept.
  2. Once they click "Accept" they will be a Co-owner on that Grid and will be able to help manage the next steps of sharing and engaging their students!  Both you and your CoPilots will see an airplane icon on your Grid image.  
  3. Only the Grid Owner can add and remove CoPilots. Note: There is no way to change which Educator owns the Grid.

Reference: FlipGrid Help Center - Collaborate with Grid CoPilots

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