Google Calendar and Zoom (Lower School Teachers)


With the Zoom for Google Calendar, you can seamlessly schedule, join, and manage meetings right from Google Calendar.  Then, you can distribute the password-protected URL to your Lower School Landing Page such as

Part A. Schedule a Meeting via Google Calendar

1. Open Google Calendar and click on a time slot for your meeting.

2. Give it a Title. 

  • Begin with the grade level and the first initial of classroom teacher’s last name (i.e. KV or 1J)
  • Add the subject (i.e. Strings or Math)
  • List a small or large group


Click the "More Options" button.


3. Enter your meeting details like the title, location, and guest list.

  • Invite as a guest (either the LSBC_RTLsync or LSHC_RTLsync calendar) to all large or small group meetings.
  • Note: Don’t use this calendar for one on one meetings unless this is an open office time when someone will be online for drop-in visits.

4. In the Add conferencing dropdown menu, select Zoom Meeting.


5. Google Calendar will display the join options for the Zoom meeting.



Part B. Copy and Paste Password-Protected Link to Your Check-in Page


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