View directories in the Veracross Portal

There are several types of directories to view in the Veracross Portal including students, households (e.g. parents and guardians, and faculty and staff.  

  1. Log in to the Veracross Portal.

  2. Select Directories from the menu bar.

  3. The Directory homepage defaults to the Student directory. Toggle the menu bar to select Household or Faculty & Staff directories.

  4. Select the default or subcategory directory.


  • Search by All Students (default),
  • Grade Level or
  • Campus.


  • Search by All Student Households (default),
  • Nearby Student Households (<10 miles) or
  • Households by Grade Level.

        Faculty & Staff: 

  • Search by All Faculty & Staff (default),
  • Campus or
  • Department.

  1. Type the first and/or last name, then select the Search button.

  2. Select the Clear button to start a new search. 


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