Self Service App on iPads for PK - 2 Remote Learners

Self Service provides you a library of applications that are licensed by Blake.  You will use Self Service rather than the Apple App Store.  Self Service is part of Blake's mobile device management system (e.g., JAMF), to provide service and support to you.  To get started ...

1. Locate the Self Service App on your iPad and tap on it to open it. 
You should find it in the dock on your iPad.  Self_Service.png

2. Select the Search button in the bottom of the iPad. 

3. Search for common software used for remote learning such as Zoom or Seesaw.  (Note: Your child's teacher or specialist will communicate if there is additional software to install on the iPad.)

4. Select Install.  It can take from 30 seconds to a few minutes to install software on the school-owned iPad depending on your home WiFi connection.


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